SexDiary #1

Stepping into the shower, I recalled the words of my therapist: we shouldn’t feel ashamed of masturbating. This affirmation and the white noise from the bathtub’s running water relaxed my posture. Soon, voluptuous women and couples indulging in naughty formations greeted my eyes. Yes, and a gush of semen blew out of me. I was glad I led myself there with each stroke, feeling myself … Continue reading SexDiary #1

Turn-ons #2: Angel Constance, the Desert Angel

Dear Seeker, I discovered model Angel Constance’s work online and became interested since it’s rare to come across South Asian models. In this photo, I love how the natural rock formation seats her as if a Desert Angel is on a throne. Her brown skin contrasts against the yellow-orange earth. Her legs form a butterfly that opens her vulva to the viewer. The sunlight shines … Continue reading Turn-ons #2: Angel Constance, the Desert Angel

Turn-ons #1: Emily Addison in a Silver Bikini

Dear Seeker, I discovered Emily Addison through a non-nude video interview for Bikini Riot. Her dark and flowy curls look as if they’re curtains revealing her face—reminiscent of Rangiku Matsumoto’s hair from the anime, Bleach. Her shiny chandelier earrings dazzle as her gaze is fixed on you. She toys with a triangular string bra that holds in her breasts and deep cleavage. Here are two … Continue reading Turn-ons #1: Emily Addison in a Silver Bikini